Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Les Signes Vitaux

Showing at SXSW: Vital SignsLes Signes Vitaux, directed by Sophie Deraspe

Synopsis from the film's website:

Simone has been drifting through life as if missing something important, cut from her roots. Triggered by the death of a family member she embarks on a singular journey of helping people who are about to die. The dying have nothing to lose and need lasting moments of intimacy that Simone finds herself willing to give at no cost.

But Boris won’t let her get away with it quite that easily. He realizes how well she hides behind those intense but short-lived relationships with the soon to be dead. He won’t hesitate to provoke her in a violent burst. The defeat of self-sufficiency opens to forgiveness and the need of others. From then on she will accept his part in what makes her complete.

Through the dying we learn to laugh, admire and find a profound trust in life.

With this second feature film, Sophie Deraspe explores our relationship to the body, a map of our lifelong scabs, scars and beauty. It offers up an experience for the senses through its fine yet unsettlingly realistic photography, a strong soundtrack and an extraordinary cast that introduces singularly graceful Marie-Hélène Bellavance to a cinematic audience.

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