Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Au Chic Resto Pop

Showing at the Hot Docs Film Festival: Au Chic Resto Pop, directed by Tahani Rached

Synopsis from the Hot Docs website:

Everybody’s welcome at the Resto Pop, a restaurant run by a group of “misfits, outcasts, losers and punks” that caters to single moms, hungry kids, the poor and unemployed in Montreal’s East End. The film plunges us into the dynamic social and political world of the restaurant as the staff prepares and serves food that would otherwise be thrown out because of minor imperfections. Structured around autobiographical songs written and performed by the staff, Au Chic Resto Pop mutates the participatory documentary form into an innovative “docu-musical.” People come not only for the healthy $1 meals, but to celebrate birthdays, hold graduation ceremonies for elementary school students, or just hang out and socialize over a good dinner. The film shines with the music, hopes, and dreams of marginalized people struggling to take control of their diets, their jobs, and their lives. - Lynne Fernie

This video appears to be the entire movie, but it is in unsubtitled (Canadian) French. You win some, you lose some.

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