Friday, May 1, 2009


Opening this weekend:

Home, directed by Mary Haverstick
A woman coping with a serious illness must face issues in her relationship with her daughter as she recalls her own troubled past in this independent drama. Inga (Marca Gay Harden) is a wife and mother who lives in Pennsylvania farm country with her husband Herman (Michael Gaston) and young daughter Indigo (Eulala Scheel). Inga is recovering from a bout with breast cancer, and her illness has cast a pall on her already rocky relationship with Herman, with both turning to liquor to drown their sorrows. Indigo, meanwhile, has few friends and is very close to Inga; her mother's illness has been difficult for the child, and Inga isn't certain how to ease the girl's worries. Meanwhile, an elderly woman living nearby, Mary (Marian Seldes), is considering selling the home where she's lived most of her life. Inga is fascinated with Mary's house because it closely resembles the place where she grew up, and as she explores the old house she is reminded of her relationship with her own mother, who like her struggled with cancer. Home received its world premiere at the 2008 Montreal World Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

You can find the New York Times review here, and more information about Mary Haverstick on her website, here.

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