Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rooftop Films: Romance

Yes, a scad of really intriguing-looking women-directed films are being shown in Cannes right now, but let's face it: Cannes is really far away. And, I'm just taking a wild guess here, but it's probably extremely hard to get tickets, unless your name is Marion Cotillard or George Lucas or something. There is, however, a much closer, much cheaper alternative: this Friday (May 22nd) at 8pm at 350 Grand Street (Grand & Essex), Rooftop Films is showing a slate of short films about romance,  many of which are directed by women.


The full lineup:


Receive Bacon (James M. Johnston | Ft. Worth, Texas | 7:00) 
James Johnston is the Producer of David Lowery’s St. Nick, which will be playing later this summer at Rooftop Films. He also directed this naughty little short about a bathroom tryst that gets interrupted by a case of the giggles. 


Sweet Dreams (Kirsten Lepore | Maryland | 9:56) 
Whatever our dietary preferences, we pretty much all love food of some sort. And most of us love cupcakes. But what kind of food do you think your cupcake loves? 


The Kinda Sutra (Jessica Yu | Los Angeles | 8:00) 
Academy Award Winner Jessica Yu sat down with kids, asked them how babies are made, and animated their responses. 


Young Love (Emily Carmichael | New York City | 9:20) 
Two lovers lie in bed, tentatively exploring the first stages of sexual role playing. But soon the game gets a little too serious to be simply fun. But maybe that is the point of role-playing? We all remember how naïve we were about sex when we were little, but in Young Love, Emily Carmichael reminds us just how difficult it can be to figure out what we can and can’t handle in bed. 


The Blindness of the Woods (Martin Jalfen, Javier Lourenco | Argentina | 11:00) 
Partly a parody of 1970’s Nordic porn, partly a lesson in crocheting, this unforgettable Argentinian short marks the birth of a new genre: Cute Porn. 


Don McCloskey “Mister Novocaine” (Peter Rhoads | New York | 4:00) 
In a fever dream where hands are people, one hand fights the pleasure of the bottle by telling his story through song. 


2 Birds (Runar Runarsson | Iceland | 15:00) 
A group of young teenagers embark on a journey that transports them too quickly away from innocence and towards the stark realities of sex, adulthood, and sacrifice. 


Sister Wife (Jill Orschel | Utah | 10:00) 
Over time, we all come to realize that a long-term relationship requires us to make substantial sacrifices. But how many of us are willing to share our spouse with another person? And what if that other person were our sibling? Jill Orshel's powerful documentary gives voice to a woman in a polygamist marriage and asks us to question our own attitudes about love, commitment, and selflessness. 


Please Say Something (David O’Reilly | Ireland | 10:00) 
A 10 minute short concerning a troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. The final film was completed in January 2009 and contains 23 episodes of exactly 25 seconds each. Images from it can be seen on the Flickr Page. The film won the Golden Bear for best short at the 2009 Berlinale.


Babeland (the women-owned sex shop) is a co-sponsor, so free condoms and other accessories are probably in the mix. Plus, open bar afterwards. This is really a gift to New York singles, a whole date night wrapped up in a bow for $9. More details here. Enjoy!

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