Friday, November 13, 2009

Behind The Rainbow

Showing at the Mar del Plata Film Festival: Behind the Rainbow, directed by Jihan El-Tahri

Synopsis from the film festival's website:

Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma are renowned figures of the South African political world. The former is an intellectual leader, and the latter is a trade union representative who never received any kind of formal education. Both have, from different places, fought for the liberation of their country during more than 30 years (first from the trenches and later in exile) and helped build a non-racial State under Nelson Mandela’s Government. However, a few years ago, Mbeki and Zuma became the main characters of a political struggle of epic proportions in which the well-being of the majority was replaced by party pressures and personal differences. Fifteen years after the democratic victory over Apartheid, Jihan El-Tahri´s documentary analyzes today’s African National Congress – the party with which Mandela came to power - to portray an internal crisis that threatens to destroy everything achieved so far by the South African people.

Trailer is here (embedding disabled), and the movie's Facebook page is here.

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