Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Came from Kuchar

Showing at the Mar del Plata Film Festival: It Came from Kuchar, directed by Jennifer Kroot

Synopsis from the film festival's website:

Identical twins George and Mike Kuchar -self-taught, libertarian and ingenious- have been practicing what they preach for the last 50 years: filming with no money, with an extraterrestrial creativity and with a festively camp spirit. This documentary celebrates 50 years of happy marriage between the Kuchars and the cinema with interviews to the twins, to declared fans (John Waters, Guy Maddin, Atom Egoyan), to superstars whom the brothers created out of mud -or something worse- with their philosophy of “anybody can act”, and of course, with generous doses of films like Sins Of The Fleshapoids, Hold Me While I’m Naked and Pagan Rhapsody. While George motivates a new generation of students during the shooting of The Fury Of Frau Frankenstein in a Fellinesque classroom, Kroot, the director of It Came from Kuchar, traces the story the brothers, from their origins in the Bronx, a neighbourhood transformed into an impromptu Hollywood due to home-made remakes of classic melodramas, until their jump to the underground firmament of the seventies, together with Warhol, Stan Brakhage and Kenneth Anger, where they were called the “8 mm Mozarts”. In doing so, Kroot recovers a secret history which places the Kuchars where they belong: the movie screen.

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