Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sputnik 5 / Cosmonauta

Showing at the Venice Film Festival this weekend: Sputnik 5 and Cosmonauta, both directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli

Synopsis of Sputnik 5 from the Venice Film Festival's website:

In August 1960 the satellite Korabl- Sputnik 2 was sent into space, better known in the West as Sputnik 5. There were twenty-eight mice, two rats, two dogs, and around a hundred insects aboard. Sputnik 5 tells their tale.

Synopsis of Cosmonauta from the Venice Film Festival's website:

In the early sixties Arturo and Luciana, brother and sister and die-hard passionate communists, follow the progress of the space race together, urging on the Soviet cosmonauts. However as they grow up, the relationship between the two gets a little complicated: Luciana, an aggressive, unconventional adolescent, starts going out with boys and is ashamed of her odd brother, who shows no signs of growing up, possibly because of his epilepsy.

Trailer for Cosmonauta (in Italian, no subtitles):

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