Friday, October 23, 2009

Houston We Have a Problem

Showing at the Austin Film Festival: Houston – We Have a Problem, directed by Nicole Torre

Synopsis from the film's website:

Houston — We Have a Problem steps inside the energy capital of the world to see the hard truths about oil, from the Texas oilmen themselves. For decades American presidents have cried the woes of our nation’s addiction to foreign oil. Hollow campaign promises project a future that can be independent and sustainable. Yet the truth is, the energy policy of the USA has only been a strategy of defense, not offense. We are fighting a cold war on energy, and both Wall Street and Main Street have no idea what to do. We will see a new form of wildcatting in alternatives, and learn how many oilmen believe that being shackled to cheap oil is only destroying our empire. Many old timers realize that the oil industry must change, advising that it is going to take everything to meet America’s future energy needs.

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