Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Know a Woman Like That

Showing at the Chicago International Film Festival: I Know a Woman Like That, directed by Elaine Madsen

Synopsis from the film's website:

The documentary I Know a Woman Like That, is being produced by Virginia Madsen and directed by her Emmy Award-winning mother Elaine. In response to a comment she made to Virginia when saddened by the death of a dear friend:

"I hope someday you know a woman like that; so engaged in life, politically, socially, an avid reader, fully aware, with friends of all ages..."

Virginia quickly responded, "I already know a woman like that, Mom."

Thus emerged the apt title for their documentary; when Virginia encouraged her mother "to get behind the camera again." And that's exactly what Elaine is doing.

Their documentary features live interviews with extraordinary women ages 64 to 94. The interviews reveal the full engagement of these women in the arts, athletics, social justice, environmentalism, and high finance. Their unconventional choices, attitudes and discoveries about the opportunities they find at this time in their lives will motivate and inspire people of all ages.

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