Thursday, October 22, 2009

Made in China

Showing at the Chicago International Film Festival: Made in China, directed by Judi Krant

Synopsis from the film's website:

Slinkys, Pet Rocks, Ant Farms... behind each of those great novelties is the story of a great Novelty Inventor. Made In China is the story of one such inventor.

Johnson, a self-styled novelty inventor from a small town in East Texas, is determined to bring his big idea - "a humorous domestic hygiene product"- to the world. Johnson's journey takes him to the Mecca of the novelty world: China, where anything is possible and everything has its price.

Lost in the backstreets of Shanghai, Johnson discovers that it takes more than a million dollar idea to make it to the big time. It takes guts, determination, and a fist full of sneezing powder.

Speaking of guts and determination, here is an interview with Judi Krant about slipping under the radar to film in China.

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