Thursday, October 8, 2009

Netflix It: Talk to Me

Available on Netflix: Talk to Me, directed by Kasi Lemmons

Synopsis from the New York Times:

In 1966, when we first meet them, Petey Greene (Don Cheadle) and Dewey Hughes (Chiwetel Ejiofor) present an easy, obvious contrast. Dewey, rising fast in the management ranks of a Washington R&B radio station, favors trim suits and dark ties. When he speaks on the air, listeners are apt to mistake him for a white man. Petey, serving 10 years for armed robbery in a Virginia penitentiary, is a man of an altogether different — and, to Dewey, much lesser — sort. His speech is laced with profanities and put-downs, and he manages to look flashy even in prison, where he accessorizes his state-issued denims with bright red shoes and a flowery neckerchief. Their subsequent friendship, which spans an era of social upheaval and fashion turmoil, is at the center of Talk to Me, Kasi Lemmons’s funny, earnest, affectionate new film. Talk to Me starts out broad and schematic only to surprise you with its subtlety as it unfolds. The result is a movie that offers uplift without phoniness, history without undue didacticism and a fair number of funny, dirty jokes. — A. O. Scott

A clip of the real Petey Greene:

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