Friday, April 9, 2010

Daddy’s Girls

Showing at the Hot Docs Film Festival: Daddy's Girls, directed by Lily Sheffy

Synopsis from the film's website:

Yaron splits his life between Germany and Israel, as he maneuvers precariously between three homes, three women and two children. When his daughter finds out how he lives, she decides to embark on a journey and decipher, for the first time in her life, who her father really is. During the past three years the director – his daughter – has been documenting her father’s never-ending pursuit of love, happiness and self-realization.

Tracing the dramas life brings – a wedding, childbirth, infatuations and partings – she finds a man chased by the fear that his time is running out, juggling his passion and faithfulness, while seemingly oblivious to the heartache he leaves in his wake. This sometimes shocking, sometimes humorous, but always intimate insight presents the impossible reality of his life, exploring the limits of relationships, hopes, love and trust.

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