Monday, April 12, 2010

Grace, Milly, Lucy…Child Soldiers

Showing at the Hot Docs Film Festival: Grace, Milly, Lucy…Child Soldiers, written and directed by Raymonde Provencher

Synopsis from the Hot Docs website:

It’s very easy to create a killing machine. Just imagine. You’re seven years old and taken away from your family…your parents are killed in front of you or you’re forced to kill somebody. Through all that you’re beaten…then you’re given a gun and you’re told, ‘This gun is your life.’” – Grace Akallo

Grace, Milly, and Lucy are three of thousands of young girls violently abducted from their villages in Uganda and forced to become soldiers as well as wives to rebel commanders. With babies strapped to their backs and guns in their hands, they are forced to maim, burn, and kill. Many girls have escaped, but they and their children are shunned and the road to self-forgiveness and community acceptance is painful. In this powerful call for justice and peace, these girl soldiers are becoming activists who raise their voices and organize to prevent other children from experiencing the same hell. - Lynne Fernie

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