Friday, April 9, 2010

Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service

Showing at Hot Docs: Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service, directed by Maya Gallus

Synopsis from the Hot Docs website:

Dish delves into Toronto’s diners, Montreal’s “sexy restos,” Paris’ haute eateries, and Tokyo’s fantasy “maid bars” in an insider’s look at gender, power, and the art of service. Former waitress and Gemini award-winning director Maya Gallus dines out and dishes the dirt with waitresses, restaurant owners, and maĆ®tre d’s about the demands of the job. What’s revealed are the fantasies, desires, and prejudices projected onto women servers—including those of substitute wife, girlfriend, and personal servant. She discovers that as prices on the menu rise and serving acquires the respect and salary of a vocation, the number of women servers declines; the most sophisticated eateries employ only men to serve their well-heeled patrons. From the hustle of a busy truck stop to the discreet hush of a Parisian house of fine dining, Dish serves up a delicious and illuminating look at the lives of women in the restaurant biz. - Lynne Fernie

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