Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rough Aunties

Showing at the Hot Docs Film Festival: Rough Aunties, directed by Kim Longinotto

Synopsis from the Hot Docs website:

Fearless, feisty, and resolute, the "Rough Aunties" are a remarkable group of women unwavering in their stand to protect and care for the abused, neglected, and forgotten children of Durban, South Africa. This latest documentary by internationally acclaimed director Kim Longinotto follows the outspoken, multiracial cadre of Thuli, Mildred, Sdudla, Eureka, and Jackie who work for Bobbi Bear, a child welfare organization, as they wage a daily battle against systemic apathy, corruption, and greed to help the most vulnerable and disenfranchised of their communities. Despite the harsh realities of violence, poverty, and racism in the women's work and in the heartaches of their personal lives, the portraits that emerge on screen are filled with grace, wisdom, friendship, and a deeply stirring conviction. Once again Longinotto offers an intimate portrait of change from Africa, this time from post-apartheid South Africa, a nation being transformed by hope and energy into a new democracy.

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